Bacon’s in AL, GA, SC and NC!

Yep, today was a drive day. We started in Alabama where there were threats of bad weather but thankfully we drove out of it. In the following picture, the skies are dark, but look how beautiful the trees are along the highway. Wow! Yes, there are business and residences behind those trees but after being used to DFW concrete jungle highways this is a joy. I have to wonder if you are stuck in traffic if you might not feel as bad about it with such lovely scenery!


The closer we got to Georgia the bluer the skies got, and the trees along the highway even more beautiful. I fell in love with Georgia years ago when I attended corporate training in Atlanta and I was reminded again today how much I like this area. This picture doesn’t really do it justice as we zoom down the highway (and yes, I do know the windows and car are filthy; remember the pouring rain yesterday?). 


So what do you do when your plans for the day are ‘drive, drive, and drive some more?’ You look for a Triple D Restaurant (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives)! We were determined to hit our first one in Atlanta without taking us too far off the highway. Once we figured out that was impossible, we narrowed our choices down to three locations and out of that we chose Joy Cafe in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. 

The Buckhead neighborhood is gorgeous! The streets and properties were covered with trees and the homes were just stunning! I told Danny I’d love to live there but he pointed out a teeny, tiny vacant lot listed for over a million dollars and assured me that was not possible for us. Burst my bubble just like that in a few seconds! 


Since we weren’t going to be looking for our next home, we proceeded on the Joy Cafe in the Buckhead uptown area of Atlanta. The downtown area was pretty, but true to the Triple D theme, this cafe was in an old strip center. The inside probably only seated about 20+ people. Their motto is: If it can be made from scratch, it is! Here is the picture of the cafe and the signature Guy Fieri framed art showing he had been there:


Here is what we had and, oh my word, it was delicious! 

Danny had a Reuben Sandwich with Sauerkraut on Marbled Rye and a cucumber/onion/tomato salad. I tried a bite and it was a close your eyes and moan kind of moment! 

I had a grilled cheese/grilled mushroom/grilled onion sandwich on that same bread with tomato basil soup. Oh mercy…, it was amazing! Like “I want to go there every day for lunch” kinda good! 

Our waitress told us that their restaurant aired on Food Network a few weeks ago and it had been crazy busy since then. I’m thrilled for them! 

We drove from there, through Georgia and South Carolina in a food coma. It made losing that hour from the time change totally worth it. 

Our final stop for today is in Belmont, NC. It is a lovely little town and I love their downtown area. I can’t help but wonder if our NC family members have ever been here? 

Our dining choice for tonight was another local restaurant called The String Bean (nothing like what we have in Dallas). 

I love their motto: Healthy Fresh Different, and yes it is! This restaurant is also a market and you can choose fresh meat or fish and have it prepared how you want it or from one of the menu choices. They also sell a bazillion (okay maybe not that many, but a lot!) different kinds of beer and wines. Here are some pics of their cases and beverages:




The dining tables are nestled in and around the market and ours was located right next to this rack of beer. Fun!

Here is what we had for dinner here:

Danny’s dinner: an Italian Monk Sandwich with artisan bread, salami, pepperoni, and capicola fresh deli meats and homemade chips. He said it was delicious!

I had two appetizers: Salmon Tacos and Fried Okra. The quantities were so large I had to forgo the tortilla’s after the first bite and just eat the filling. It was amazing! 


Tomorrow we meet up with Jane and Darwin (Danny’s brother and his wife) and we are off to Williamsburg, VA. 

Sweet dreams!

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