Bacon’s On The Road Again!

 It’s been so long and I’ve missed our blog! But we are back on the road again for a nice trip that will ultimately take us to Williamsburg, VA. 

Today we left early and once we got to Louisiana we encountered rain and low visibility all the way into Mississippi! Boo!

It was not pleasant! 

Once we got out of the rain we still had dark skies.


Still, that drive on I-20 through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is pretty even in the rain. 

We finally made it to Leeds, Alabama at dinner time. Out original intentions were to make it to Tuscaloosa, AL, but we both decided we’d like to get to the other side of Birmingham and not deal with the morning rush hour traffic so we changed our hotel reservations. 

Once we arrived and checked in, the young lady in our hotel recommended Bluegrass BBQ, a local restaurant, and since it wasn’t the normal “chain” dinner fare we headed there. 

(He’s not mad the sun was just bright and in his eyes!)

 That bright sun kept me from getting a good picture, but as you can tell it’s a small place, kind of like a converted home and very cozy inside. 

We agreed on what to order with the intent to share; Danny got a veggie plate and he ordered: Two. Different. Beans. 

Really? We are in a car together and he orders not one,, but TWO different beans? 😱

I’m actually questioning his sanity and my health when the waitress comes back and tells us the “We’ve sold out of the Northern beans can I get you something else?”

Danny, without even missing a beat, said, “Good because I was in the hot seat for ordering two bean dishes and cucumbers!”

The waitress and the folks at a nearby table (who had heard the entire exchange) began to laugh! 

Danny orders squash as his replacement item and the waitress starts to walk off then stops and says to me, “Is that okay?” 

At that point we were all laughing our heads off! 

So, here is the food review: it was a LOT of food and the prices were reasonable. 

The meats: Moonshine Chicken (grilled chicken with bacon strips and mozzarella cheese; normally it is drenched in BBQ sauce but we asked for the sauce on the side) and ribs. Both were good but even splitting the meat we had leftovers.
The veggies: Green’s, Pinto Beans, Cucumber Salad, Cabbage and we both had Squash Casserole. This is where ‘local’ gets interesting. The green’s were so sweet (honey?), Danny just couldn’t eat but a few bites. The Squash Casserole was good but very cheesy and rich so we couldn’t eat it all. Danny liked the beans and cucumber salad although there was so much he couldn’t eat all of them either. The cabbage was kinda plain but I love cabbage pretty much any way it’s made so I was good with that too.

Overall, it was a big thumbs up and we’d recommend them as worth a stop. 

P.S. They had great desserts too but we were just too full! 

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