Bacons on going home and “Going Home”

What a wild 10+ months it has been for us as we traveled the U.S. and cruised Europe. We’ve seen so much and we’ve even experienced a few weird things, but overall it’s been a thrilling time I will never forget. It is a reminder that life is too short to “stop” until we don’t have any other choices and then we can bask in the wonderful memories we’ve made.

We hope our journey has put a burning desire in your heart to “go see for yourself.”

For the record, if you remember, our original plans included being on the road through September or October of this year, but while we were in Phoenix we had something happen that produced a change in our lives. This change was significant enough it had us scrambling to go home after we returned from Europe at the end of May.

So…., what in the world happened? It actually answers our most asked question from many of you while we were on the road:

What were you doing when you weren’t doing anything?

The answer for me is I wrote a book!

It is a project I have been working on for over a year, a story called “Going Home.” Unlike what I know you are thinking, it has nothing to do with our travels; it is a fiction based on the book of Ruth in the Bible.

Many of you know I have been actively teaching women’s Bible studies for years and last March I taught a study on Ruth. In order to get all of us to personally relate to the story, I began writing short stories every week about the two main characters, Ruth and Naomi. The stories were received so positively, I decided to expand and connect them. With prayers and extreme nervousness, I submitted it to a publisher while we were in Phoenix.

Although I was warned in advance of the publisher reading my manuscript, it most likely would not be published, mid April I received the call that the publisher was interested! What???? No one was more shocked than me!

The publisher is Westbow, a division of Thomas Nelson.

I received a voice mail message today that the book can now be purchased from several places online (haven’t reconnected to get that complete information!) but I know you can purchase it on It just went online to what the publisher calls “title live” so that is all that is on the website; the bare minimum, no book cover or verbiage to describe it, but I’m sure it will all be online soon.

Still, I’m on Amazon for goodness sake!!! WOW!!!! If you type my name in the search bar in Amazon it will show up.

Here is a sneak peak of the cover:

Thank you from our hearts for following along with us on our journey and we hope it has inspired you to get out and explore the world. It was truly the best time of our lives and we will always remember this very special year!

We hope you will also purchase my little book, and encourage others to buy it as well. The paperback cost will be $11.95, the e-book price will be $5.99 (that is not available right now; again, they are working out those details!) and the hardback price is outrageous (because most people don’t purchase hardbacks anymore therefore the cost to print is high); I’d skip that selection!

With love,
Cecilia Bacon, Author

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