Bacons in Rainy Texas and Warnings!

Storm Warnings!

I guess at some point it’s going to be great to go to the lakes in Texas but, wow! Not right now! In all my years here I don’t remember a spring being this wet or fraught with storm warnings and floods. I know this isn’t a news flash to all of our TX family and friends as you’ve lived it for over a month, but it was a surprise for us even though we’ve seen all the comments on FB. 

I also saw on FB today that we are expected to get some severe storms again tomorrow, so please be safe and stay away from the lakes until this madness stops!  

We arrived late last night and what a relief our flight arrived in between these storms. Thank you for all your prayers for travel mercies as they most definitely were answered!

Today we are doing laundry, trying to see if by some miracle my phone can be backed up before we go to Verizon to get it replaced, and resting. Tomorrow errands are on the list but today we are taking it easy. 

Bottom line: even with all the rain and storms it is great to be back home. 

Travel Warnings! 

For my family members that have knee replacements boy do I ever have a warning for you when traveling anywhere but especially in Europe. Get prepared for the airport pat down and by “pat down” I mean thorough body exam! In Copenhagen and Amsterdam I was examined by two burly boys and afterwards I almost asked if they weren’t going to make me feel a little less cheap by at least giving me a hug and a smooch! My goodness! In the USA we have gals searching gals and guys searching guys, but not in Europe! 

Oh, and another piece of advice, don’t wear pants with rivets or metal fasteners (jeans) when flying in Europe because they examine each one thoroughly; hands will go down in your pants in places that will make you blush! I almost wore my yoga pants on the trip home and oh how I wish I had gone with that plan! Sheesh!

There is no doubt in my mind those “security” guys in Europe are ecstatic that they get paid to do what they do. 

On the bright side, in spite of the long lines to go through security checks and the embarrassing search, it was a comfort knowing they were doing their best to keep us safe on our flight. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway! Ha! 

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